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The story behind Ember & Ash

After retiring from her day job, Deborah founded Guthrie Communications, LLC and ran for office. She never lost sight of the value and importance in maintaining social relationships. After all, she was labeled a social butterfly in High School!

Deborah also knows that no one single person can ever really go it alone. As a young professional single mom of two, it took a village for Deborah to get to where she is today. She worked her way up from an intern to being the first Communications Director at a local government agency and Michigan NATOA Statewide Chapter President.

Fitting in self care, Deborah packed her bags seeking adventures and respite to unwind on weekends and recharge for the week. Her husband traveled on the weekends for work and this gave them the time they needed to spend together and the down time Deborah wanted to claim on the weekends.

Ember & Ash Social is a culmination of their journeys for like minded Michiganders, Mickeyganders, retirement seekers and Wannabe Snowbirds.

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