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Meet Me for Coffee

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Meet me for coffee has a whole new meaning at Starbucks new line of Reserve Roastery's rolling out in major cities. Chicago's Starbucks Roastery is a multi level experience beyond what I expected located where Crate and Barrel once stood along Michigan Avenue. While I missed Crate and Barrel when it's doors closed, this new Roastery is something to behold and most welcoming.

I had to wander inside to answer how in the world a coffee shop can fill this massive space with a Michigan Ave. corner store presence. Having been to so many new coffee shops popping up all over the country, I wanted to know how a much larger Starbucks can compete with the pourover and french press craze. Obviously Starbucks has to hit it's target to make it's roastery a unique user experience beckoning customers for repeated return visits.

At a mecca shopping destination like Chicago where Michigan Mile can add some serious steps on your health app, a quant little, or rather big, centrally located spot to refresh appears to be just what shopaholics ordered.

Each roastery serves coffee that has been roasted at that location and beans are sold to order. Each level offers little nooks and cranies which make your meet up location actually feel private rather in a massive coffee shop.

The Roastery is unique in offering high end products for sale representing and reinforcing the Starbucks brand. With a coffee infused cocktail menu and large bar; including freshly carved in front of you charcuterie board, expanded pastry options and pastas, meeting for coffee at a Starbucks Reserve Roastery has a whole new meaning.

We found the experience inviting; calling upon us to sit and sip and observe. While my usual Chai Latte with two shots of espresso cost $3 more than a regular Starbucks location, I found it was worth it for the experience alone. There was no reason we could see that people would not want to sit and chat for hours.

It begs me to wonder whether this is why the Starbucks in DisneyWorld closed at Epcot and if a Starbucks Roastery is what the imagineers plan on opening soon. If this location at Chicago is as busy as I've seen it both weekends I've visited, I know a location at DisneyWorld would as well since those lines have been very long every time I've gone to the parks.

Tip: Go to the fourth floor. More seating, less crowded and massive bar.

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