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Don’t Sit in the First Row of Comfort Seats on Delta! Here’s Why:

Quick travel tip for you: Don’t sit in the first row of comfort seats on Delta!

Unless you think free drink and free headset offsets the fact that your seat in the first row on Delta outweighs the fact that you won’t have a monitor on the seat in front of you, or worse, the middle comfort seat looks down the entire row in front of you.

I recently booked a flight ✈️ to see my son in North Carolina and while I’m so grateful I was upgraded to Delta Comfort, I saw my seat was in that dreaded first row!!!

To me, the vibe of staring at that blue seat in front of you without a monitor is way off. It’s creepy. What’s worse is, your monitor is attached to a metal arm on the side of your seat you have to lift up and angle toward your face if you can. You end up looking down the whole time at it and it’s small. The major issue with it, in my opinion, is that you cannot take it out and turn it on until after take off.

So while everyone else has gotten settled and comfortable, picked out what they want to watch and even began having minutes being quickly taken off their flight by being absorbed in TV watching, you’re stuck watching everyone else completely bored or sifting through more mindless screen time on your phone. Bring a book or crossroad puzzle or any sort of entertainment you downloaded to your phone.

Which reminds me, bring your own headset! Delta’s flights are quarter inch jacks so your iPhone AirPods won’t work with it unless you have a connector. Most other headsets have the standard connection and work well. Connector flights and most short flights around an hour will not have monitors.

I’ll tell you, the first time my husband and I sat in the first row of comfort, I was in the middle seat and he was in the aisle seat. We were super excited to be upgraded until we sat down and I could see my view was looking down a row of seats. I could see what everyone was doing because that middle seat 💺 doesn’t have a seat in front of you and our monitors were broken. The arm and monitor on my husbands wouldn’t stay in place. Mine wouldn’t even turn on.

I’d have been mad as a hornet if I had paid the higher price for these seats. It’s not worth it! Any other row in comfort is worth the extra leg room, free endless alcohol drinks and pair of cheap headsets we’ll all unfortunately be throwing away into the environment. Unless you’re on a connector plane or short flight with no monitors, not worth it.

As soon as I’m upgraded, I change my seat out of that first row. I like staring out the window anyway. The views are incredible.


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