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Epcot’s Cookie Stroll Review

We took a trip to Disney World for a little weekend holiday getaway and tried all the cookies on the the Cookie Stroll list at Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays. We love getting our Festival passport and planning out our foodie day at Epcot. You’ll find the cookie stroll at the back of the passport and signs throughout World Showcase.

Look how delicious these cookies look!!! Each time you purchase a cookie you get a stamp in your passport for any of the five cookies listed. If you collect five stamps you’ll get a sweet gift at the end… like we need more sweets! Ha! Ha!

50th Cookie Sweet Treat for Collecting five stamps

We enjoyed our day strolling around Epcot, taking in all the festivities, riding Ratatouille and doing the Cookie Stroll. Read about our Holiday Date Weekend Here!

We we’re, or at least I was surprised that these cookies were not as sweet as I thought they’d be. They are definitely not sweet like Disney cupcakes and in our opinion, fell a little short on flavor. In order, here’s how we rankEd the Cookies on the Holiday Cookie Stroll list starting with our least favorite cookie:

Snickers Doodle Cookie

The SNICKERS Doodle Cookie was the most disappointing for us! We have family members who bake some pretty delicious snickerdoodle cookies and I was pretty excited to have this one. After all, I love snickerdoodles! I thought it would taste like one but instead it tasted like a peanut butter cookie with Snickers candy bar pieces on top. I was not expecting a peanut butter taste at all so this fell way flat on my expectations. Maybe if I was expecting a peanut butter cookie (which I love), I would have felt differently. But my mind couldn’t wrap around it. If you know this going in to your fist bite, you may have better luck liking it.

Linzer Cookie

I was pretty excited about the Linzer Cookie because it looks so beautifully enticing to eat, I like cookies with jam in the middle during the holidays and look at all that powered sugar! Yum!!! While we took one bite of the Snickerdoodle cookie and knew it wasn’t for us, this cookie we had to have a few bites of to determine it wasn’t on the favorite list. While the jam was good and not sickly sweet, the cookie itself was a little too bland for us.

Black and White Cookie

I’ve had plenty of black and white cookies at Jewish delis all across America. I like them and have eaten several. This Black and White Cookie I was excited about because I like black and white cookies and I LOVE icing. See how good that icing looks!!! But, the icing was less of a pour over sugar cookie sugary icing and more of an egg washed royal icing flavor. In my opinion… royal icing is more bland and tastes a bit washed out. I have a sweet tooth and anything on the royal icing side of things seems too much like a ‘wannabe sweet but I only look sweet’ flavor. I will say; the cookie was soft and chewy and not so bad. I’d eat this one again.

By the way, see my husband in the picture? He’s in the blue golf shirt and white baseball cap looking for me. Hee hee.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

We really enjoyed this cookie. The Chocolate Crinkle Cookie hit all the chocolate marks for us and wasn’t too bland or too sweet or too rich. While we definitely wanted a coffee with this one, our tummy’s did not revolt from too rich and too sweet. We’d buy this one again and we think the Chocolate Cookie Crinkle is worth the calories. This is a very rich cookie so maybe grab a coffee before getting in line for this one.

Gingerbread Cookie

How can you eat this cute little guy?! He’s so adorable and soft!!! This sweet, cute little Gingerbread Cookie hit all the marks for what we look for in a Christmas cookie and was our favorite cookie on the Holiday Cookie Stroll. The Gingerbread cookie was full of ginger spice flavor with the right balance of sweet. This was our first cookie on the cookie stroll. I think because we loved it with it meeting the expectations of it being a gingerbread cookie, the other cookies had a strong act to follow.

Confession: We began our morning at Old Key West with the Banana Bread French Toast (pictured below) which was amazing and very sweet! Nothing after that could compare on the sweet factor that day.

Banana Bread French Toast at Old Key West

All in all, it was a fantastically beautiful day at Epcot doing the Cookie Stroll. Only one of the cookies was super disappointing and the Linzer Cookie was new to me. When we turned in our passport we received the 50th Anniversary cookie which was in our freezer back home to which I ate while hiking the North Country Trail.

We also received, much to our surprise, chocolate ice cream with whip cream and peppermint sprinkles and a paper ornament.

Epcot Cookie Stroll Free items for completing passport

I’m not a big fan of whip cream but I had to eat the whip cream to get to the peppermint sprinkles. It was worth it as I’m a big fan of peppermint during the holidays. This sweet chocolate cool and smooth yummy treat was a lovely surprise and became my favorite sweet treat of the day at Epcot. I also swore the chocolate ice cream was very similar in texture and flavor to a Wendy’s frosty. Did you have this same experience? Let us know. Comment below.

Please keep in mind when I say we… it really was mostly me! I’m the one with a big sweet tooth. Happy holidays and cheers to a New Year!

Whitch Cookies are your favorite? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Deborah is a Disney aficionado who travels from her home in Michigan on weekend trips to Disney several times a year. She helps families, couples and solo travelers plan trips to Disney and other U.S. destinations.

Follow Deborah on Instagram. All pics are copyrighted and her own.

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