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Sisterhood of the Traveling HOMTV Mug: #HOMtostay

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

smokey the bear

Smokey the Bear Historical Marker in Wisconsin

When I was interviewed to work at HOMTV I said I planned on being here for 5 years. Ha! I’ve been HOM to stay since that interview. And why not? I love it here. I’ve been here since 1996 with a little absence during 1997 when I worked for national sports. But really, I’ve been HOM the whole time. My heart is here. My passion is here. Even when I travel away from HOM, my heart is still here, and I LOVE to travel. I’ve got HOMTV inside that ‘mug’ of mine all the time; picking up story ideas, production design ideas, meeting with alums and so much more. No matter where I am though, I’m HOM to stay. We even did a HOM To Stay video on this with our alumni members!

Oops! coffee to go

Recently my aunt ‘borrowed’ a HOMTV mug out of my cupboard and posted this pic on my wall; “Oops! Coffee to go!”

The HOM Marketing Team started putting our mugs (brains) together and thought, we need to do this! We need a HOMTV traveling mug. And thus, Sisterhood of the Traveling HOMTV Mug was born. So, wherever you are in your travels, HOMTV is HOM to stay and we want to know where you are.

Here’s how it works: The Sisterhood of the Traveling HOMTV Mug is the practice of returning ‘HOM’. Anyone who has a HOMTV mug by way of receiving one as an alumni member, studio guest, elected official, purchase, etc. is encouraged to participate. It involves taking your HOMTV mug on a trip, photographing it at a famous landmark and returning the mug ‘HOM’ by way of sharing your #HOMtostay destination photos.

Hotel Doherty

Hotel Doherty in Claire, one of the many haunted places in Michigan

If you get the concept of the traveling gnome, basically we’ve adopted the traveling HOM. For the #HOMtostay Sisterhood of the Traveling HOMTV Mug Campaign, use #HOMtostay, while away from HOM and share with others where your #HOMtostay destination is during summer 2015.

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