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What to Expect Hiking BAW Beese Trail

We hiked over 13 miles on the North Country Trail from Pittsford Trailhead to Barnard Street Parking Lot through Lost Nation.

This video is part two of that hike on BAW Beese trail. The BAW Beese Trail is mostly an asphalt trail with a small portion being a nature trail totaling 8.2 miles long. This portion is what we hiked as part of our Pittsford to Hillsdale hike. We hiked this trail as part of our hike along the North Country Trail traveling from the Ohio Michigan border through Hillsdale County.

This vlog is a visual storytelling of hike number two for me on the North Country Trail.

Deborah Guthrie is a weekend adventure blogger leaving a digital footprint that ignites the spark within others to explore the world outdoors.

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