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Cable Promises

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

utiltiy pole

photo courtesy Alden News

The telecom and cable industry always seems to approach elected and appointed officials and the FCC with promises of reduced prices in exchange for let’s say, uniform franchise agreements, reduced pole attachment fees, and no or little Rights of Way (ROW) fees. If granted such requests based on promises, history has proven that industry has failed to hold true to such promises. The FCC released the

Are these broken or just the effects of a rising economy and the cost of doing business in a communications world that is ever changing with the deployment of broadband and the upgrade of copper to fiber. It could appear that way but when the AT&T’s of the world sell  our congressman on this notion while delivering a digital signal through phone lines to peoples’ homes, the argument of reducing fees for the betterment of its customers doesn’t seem to hold any water.

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Hmm. All this to say that I am ‘happy’ to read MultiChannel News report that the Supreme Court did not allow the FCC to change their pole attachment rules… yet. The future is yet to be unseen.

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