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Content is KING… unless no one knows about it

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I keep saying to everyone in the media world and government communication world that content is king. No matter how much information you have and how much information you want to give your audience, unless they know you have content, it’s not even a prince in the multi-media world. The communications industry is filled with tons of information to share. From road closures, to new businesses and restaurants opening up, to events and how to’s; there is an endless world of content which must make sense, must target your audience, and people must know it exists.

This past weekend was just that sort of experience for me. While my reporters were in the field shooting sports, I was at home on my comfy couch watching football games with my feet curled up, eating brownies and catching up on the Twitter sphere. While they were hard at work, I posted local sports updates while sipping hot cocoa. My connections got me the information I needed to do it. While I watched twitter and Facebook to see the updates from my sports reporter, I heard crickets.

District Soccer Regional Champs

District Soccer Regional Champs

But I caught a Twitpic from the Okemos Athletic Director about the Okemos Soccer team winning the District Title. That sounded exciting, so I retweeted it and posted on Facebook. I

3rd Time State Golf Champ

3rd Time State Golf Champ

knew it would be an instant fan favorite. He then tweeted that an Okemos Golf player was in competition down the street for a State Title. Of course I did not go there because that would mean I’d have to get up off the couch. Instead, I went to the Facebook wall of her Mom’s to see what posts would occur for her daughter who was competing. Got it and got permission to share Elle Nichols 3rd straight MHSAA Individual Golf title winning photo.

Does this make me a sports reporter? NO! But this makes me a content deliverer in the internet world where content is king.

The reason this is important? In the world of supplying important and relevant local community information to your audience and fans, you need to be on top of all things in your community. If you don’t share it, someone else will. If you have it and don’t share it, no one knows you have it. If you have it and share it, people rely on you and go back to you for more. In a world of content driven posts and 140 character headlines to grab people to want to read, targeting the information your audiences wants is key.

HOMTV provides content for Haslett, Okemos, and Meridian Township. Branding ourselves as the king of content in these areas, means we need to have it and deliver people to it. Unless people are driven to the content, no one will know it is there. So while I drove the Soccer and Golf titles from my comfy chair looking like the king of content, my sports reporter drove around covering the events, but no one knew.

In the HOMTV Internship training world, I’m a bird behind the scenes tweeting “Content is King! …unless no one knows about it” in everyone’s ear. 

Happy content delivery on!
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