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Mickeygander: Who is Mickeygander?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

My husband and I have been going to Disney since 1998. We've spent most of our trips at Epcot and most of them on the weekend. We recently became DVC Members when Riviera Resort opened. We fell in love immediately and after much research, made that our home away from home in Michigan.

Our kids are grown adults now with kids and lives of their own. While my upbringing had very little trips with none to Disney, my husband's job requires weekend travel so we've taken our kids almost everywhere. To see him on the weekends meant we needed to go with him. That became a way of life for our family and has led to many beautiful memories mostly afforded to us through his travel points he earned.

With our kids being fully grown adults, an aging parent and grandchildren of our own, we wanted to invest in annual family trips and weekend getaways of our own. We love to work hard and love the respite a quick trip can provide. That's how Mickeygander came about. It's Michiganders who are DVC Owners, and Disney and Florida vacationers.

Now... let's get to gandering the Mickeygander way! We show you how to have fabulous weekends in Disney and annual family retreats including planning tips and more. Sign up for our newsletters.

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