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Epcot Food and Wine Festival Cheese Crawl Day Two!

The 2021 Epcot Food and Wine Festival is here and I’m on Day Two of my epic foodie fest to taste all the best cheeses dishes on Emile’s Formage Montage.

Once you purchase all 5 dishes on the cheese crawl and collect your stamps, you get to collect a sweet prize at the end. Believe me, on a hot summer Florida day, you’ll be looking forward to this prize!

In this video I’m going on Emile’s Formage Montage ‘Cheese Crawl’ listed on the back of the Festival Passport. On Day Two we switched resorts and made our way through the International Gateway (My favorite way to enter Epcot) to finish my cheese crawl and find out which dishes I’d fly back for and which ones are not worth the calories.

So come along and join this Mickeygander for a magical day at Epcot’s 2021 Food and Wine Festival and see which cheese dishes are my favs!

A Mickeygander is someone who is a Michigander and loves traveling to Disney and all things Mickey.

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