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Knowing When to Say Goodbye

Like many families who have a pet as a family member, we too have had our golden retriever for over 14 years. This past year has been the roughest emotionally with many vet visits and super hard moments helping our dog.

Our toughest decision is yet to come and we find ourselves, like many empty nesters do, having to face what we know is true but don’t want to believe. When the kids grow up and move out, it’s really hard and the home is empty. But when you have a family pet who stays with you in the home, that transition in life is easier. But when your pet is transitioning near the end of their life, it’s hard to face the reality of it. Here’s an article I found on when to know it’s time. Many people have told us we will know but for some, it’s harder to let go and knowing the signs of when your dog may be dying is very helpful. Here’s a good article on knowing the signs snd end of life care:

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