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Staying Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Staying Home. Saving Lives


I've been social distancing and staying at home for what seems like forever. I'm surprised at how easy it's been to adjust to; maybe because I have a chest congestion thing and don't feel that great anyway or many because my company does social media marketing from home and so I was working from home already or maybe because family is here with me and we're keeping each other motivated and sane.

Here are some things we've been doing on a regular basis since this hit us and with Governor Whitmer's #stayhomestaysafe order:

1. Go for a drive. We expanded our home to our car. We took a drive around where we live, verbally stating our appreciations out loud of what an amazing community we live in. We verbally pointed out the parks and trails, #lakelansing and our preserved wetlands and #naturalbeautyroad and wonderful neighborhoods and beautiful golf courses. It really does help to speak positively and hear others speak positively.

2. Playing board games. We've had to dust our board games off and retrain ourselves how to play some of them but it has been well worth it. Playing board games gets the mind going and we've had some fun laugh out loud moments when someone tries to pull a fast one or make up a word or something. Don't discount good 'ol fashion family fun like this.

3. Daily walks. My husband walks the dog daily practicing #socialdistancing and the dog loves it! He's loving us at home and all the extra walks. I've had a chest thing for a few weeks so I'm #selfisolating and playing it safe indoors. We've seen tons of neighbors outside biking, running, walking and getting fresh air and excersize. It really helps to feel a sense of normalcy. While we may not be able to stop and chit chat close up, you can still accomplish this while keeping a safe distance. I've some people get real creative on #nextdoor with 'neighborhood gatherings' having lawn chairs over 6 feet apart lined up on either side of the street on the sidewalk chit chattering. I love this!

4. Reading. I have half a dozen books that I'm part way through and have had a hard time finishing. I'm reading a little each day for a little escapism from realty. Reading is fundamental and we can't spend all day binge watching. It doesn't really matter what the material is as long as your mind gets some excersize too and doesn't become complete mush from binge watching.

5. Speaking of which; we found a new series. We started #bingewatching Tiger King on Netflix after we caught up with #thisisus on Directv. This show is a three ring circus of characters who started their careers out of their love for exotic animals. It's completely fascinating and bizarre. There has never been a less guilty time for binge watching than now. In my book, it's a must but definitely needs to be broken up with some mental and physical activity. This morning, we launched the day with Vintage Eddie Murphy #SNL

6. We started working out at home. I wasn't working out anywhere for almost a year. When the Executive Order came to close the gyms, my son cleaned up our basement that was a complete disaster and created an at-home gym. He put away all of the seasonal decor spread out all over, packed up all the junk that had collected on our ping pong table, mopped the floor, hooked up an old tv & connected streaming with #firestick and created an amazing new space for us to utilize. We're playing, hitting tennis balls off

the wall, lifting weights and resistance training, cardio and strength exercising. I may become more fit because of this pandemic then I ever had been before!

7. Projects. While it may not sound like fun, I will admit my son and I had tons of fun cleaning up the basement. Maybe I enjoyed it more because he did most of the work. Ha ha! But anything you do with a positive attitude is going to make it enjoyable.

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