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The Force is in My Cookie Jar

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

So I’ve been debating a lot lately about what will be my first 2014 blog. A writer, well that’s what I call myself, wants it to be special and kick off the new year perfectly! You know, that blog that grabs a thousand new fans and followers out there.


Instead, I did write commitment goals for my self. Not the same as a New Years Resolution. It’s just not. How is it not my girlfriend asked? It’s just not.

Last year I decided that every time something wonderful happened to me or someone said something nice to me, or I had a happy thought of thankful appreciation, I would write it down and store it someplace safe. This happened to be my Star Wars cookie jar. Hey, may the force be with you right? I thought, what better force to be with you during the New Year than Happy thoughts. I thought happy thoughts in the force was the right direction to take. Great!


   1/1/13 Finding the button to my winter coat that’s been missing for years. (I can’t find this again)

   1/2/13 Playing Dark Tower with Zac and Amanda

   1/3/13 Using personal time to go to the movies with Lynn and Brandie

I remembered, oh ya, that was my New Years resolution for 2013.


Anyway, moving on to 2014. What to do? I certainly wasn’t going to force my thoughts into a jar. I’m carrying them with me. So what to do? I decided to make commitments. So I wrote down things I wanted to do this year; not resolutions.

  1. Get my fit on! By that, I mean being healthier; mind, body, and spirit. I was ending 2013 well in those endeavors. I wanted to continue though and needed motivation in during the winter time. Well…. so far in 2014, its day 36 and I’ve been crashing and burning this one like a champ! Spirit: Haven’t opened up the good book much to speak of; which does happen to be my favorite. Body: There’s lots of great stuff in there and inspiration to put in your Force jar (heart). Been sick most of this year with a sinus infection so working out hasn’t gone as planned. Mind: Can’t necessarily say my minds been getting fit by watching my favorite movies I’ve seen a dozen times and my only source of reading are ecards.

  1. I can’t remember. But I think it had something to do with blogging. Hmm?

  2. Work out while watching TV. Apparently harder than I thought cause I haven’t gotten up to do that.

  3. No eating after 7pm. Why would I write this? I’m eating right now. It’s 8:30pm.

  4. More spiritual time. Since I wrote this commitment its been less. I read one verse this morning. Better get to it!

Do these sound like resolutions? I call them commitments to myself to be healthier. Can I turn it around? Of course! There are 365 days in a year and we are only on day 36. This isn’t give up my commitments to me because of a couple of minor set backs like being so sick I know my toilet really well and being laid out flat due to a sinus infection.

Those are just blessings that I can recover, bounce back, maintain happy thoughts, and put it all in my little Star Wars force jar (my heart) for motivation to keep believing in my commitment to myself. Welcome 2014! You’ve kicked me so far but I’m kicking back. After all, the force is with me and not in some jar.

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