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Top 7 Reasons to Attend this year’s Media Central Spring Conference

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

  1. Networking: Meet with professionals in your area of expertise. It’s not that easy to get to know like-minded career professionals in the areas of television production, on air talent, communications, and telecommunications policy work. This is a great opportunity to and build working relationships and new connections to help each other in our industry.

  2. Behind the Scenes Tour at WLNS 6 News Station: This is a great opportunity to take advantage of seeing how the pros bring local news to the viewing audience. Find out how News is delivered, see the studio newsroom and apply some of that at your own facility. How cool is that!

  3. Municipal Broadband Case Study: If your community is looking at internet for everyone, the Village of Sebewaing shares how they provide businesses and residents with high speed internet.

  4. Camera and Storytelling Tips from Pro’s: We all have a story to tell. How can we tell it better? From News to Covering High School Sports to Human Interest stories, learn tips and best practices from Veteran News Journalists.

  5. Crisis Communication: The Polar Vortex last year hit Mid-Michigan hard! When storms and other crisis situations happen, a strong communication system needs to be in order for your residents to keep up to the minute on what is happening and safety procedures. Join experts for how they handled a triple back to back storm that led to praises from community members.

  6. Branding Your Image Best Practices by King Media: They say that image is everything and content is king. Learn from marketing experts about the importance of branding your organization. Learn to brand and rebrand yourself to position yourself in a world that can be hard to be seen in.

  7. GREAT VALUE!!! With over 20 highly valuable sessions with presentations from experts to choose from, professional networking opportunities, including full breakfasts, luncheons and refreshments; a small investment goes a long way.

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