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Top 9 Rules for Football Etiquette: What every fan friend needs to know

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

football socks

Official Lions Player socks from my husband for my birthday

The NFL Football season has kicked off and I have a few rules of etiquette to play by for the entire season. I’ve already had a few friends and family members ‘attempt’ to break them so preseason is the right time to have these rules figured out. These are my rules. Feel free to adopt them, add to them, print and hang up on your front door and share on any site and spread the word that football is back!

  1. Calling during any TV pre-game show interferes with fantasy draft last minute decisions and you’ll be flagged for interference.

  2. Calling at any time a game is on TV will result in a technical foul.

  3. Texting is ok at anytime but a reply may not be happen until a TV time out or after the game.

  4. If you come over to my house and a game is on TV, I will be watching it. Attempts to break my attention could result in ejection.

  5. Talking about anything other than football if you’re at my house when a game is on is frowned upon. You may get a penalty call.

  6. If you don’t know when games and pre game shows are on; I’ll see you in February; post season.

  7. One exception to these rules: My grandson Ashton. He gets my attention no matter what and has unlimited ‘grandma play with me’ challenge flags.

  8. Any criticism of the unhealthy snacks, food & alcohol consumed during games will get you traded.

  9. (From my mom) Do not come back from a personal leave to ask “what happened” while gone. Hold your pee ’til a TV time out or half time.

Contributed rules from my blogger friend Aaron Jordan:

  1. Standing up in front of the TV will be ruled “Illegal Block in the Front” and could result in ejection

  2. If you must throw something, please invest in a “bad call” foam brick (can be found at Campus Den)

  3. If you stand up to get a beer, you must offer to get one for everyone of-age in the room or you will be benched for conduct detrimental to the team

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