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Hiking North Country Trail through two towns in Hillsdale County

My next vlog hiking the North Country Trail (NCT) in Southern Michigan starting at the Ohio Michigan border has been uploaded. This visual storytelling is from Hillsdale through Jonesville to the NCT Kayak Camp through the BAW Beese NCT Chapter. This 11.5 mile hike is completely different from hiking through Lost Nation.

Rather than stopping and identifying plants, we make a couple of stops at a few local businesses at Rough Draft in Hillsdale and the Udder Side in Jonesville. While I loved stopping at these two businesses on our hike, it did add to our hike time and physically slowed me down as my intake was way less than normal. But discovering small towns of Michigan has been my favorite part of these hikes.

This is my third hike along the #NCT trail making my #NCTHIKE through Southern Michigan's Hillsdale County almost complete!

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